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We define, together with the company/brand, in which social networks it will be present and which is its target audience, in order to guarantee a coherent strategy reflected in a content plan.


Planning &

We create what should be published and how often on social networks, always adapting the initial strategy to digital advances and the requirements of the target market.



We analyze the chosen strategy to evaluate results and understand if and when it will be necessary to review it. Through these reports, we are able to understand what the public of the company/brand values or what it wants to see/know.

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Configuration and customization of Social Networks

We create and manage brand/company pages to maintain and standardize your visual identity.

Content Production

Through a monthly alignment, developed exclusively for each client, we were able to plan and gather the content to be addressed and even define the new dynamics necessary to gather new followers.

Daily monitoring of social networks

We monitor the evolution of each page on a daily basis to answer the followers' doubts and questions, bringing the brand closer to its customers.

Partnerships with digital influencers

We select and choose the most influential opinion leaders so that the brand's projection is even greater.

Interaction with the target audience

With hobbies and other strategic marketing actions, we managed to create more dynamics and interaction on social networks, taking the brand to new followers.


We prepare quarterly reports to assess whether the defined content and strategies are, in fact, in line with the objectives.

What we can do for you



Support for the commercial strategy of the brand/company:

  • Presentation of products/services;
  • Definition of price;
  • Brand positioning;
  • Distribution strategy.


  • Definition of the profile of followers of the brand/company;
  • Development of communication supports for each target audience;
  • Creation of effective digital communication solutions, given the cost versus impact ratio.


  • Preparation of weekly / monthly content plan;
  • Daily interaction with different target audiences (consumers, fans, followers, and employees);
  • Creation of content, written and digital (video, photography, and communication design).


We all communicate and publish in the digital economy era, but are we contributing to the evolution of our area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise?

The age of content!

11 de December de 2020

Music, design, video, content, never as much as now, are complementary and super influential areas

Music, video and social media

11 de December de 2020

1. Caring about the projects, brands, and clients;
2. Passion of all the teams (internal and external);

What sets us apart in this global universe?

11 de December de 2020
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